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29. Dezember 2008

Workshop: How to make the best out of the fu..ing spam you get


Das ist Max

Und unser Mäxchen ist irgend so ein schwer erfolgreicher und wohlhabender Online-Buisness-fucking clever-coach-fuzzi aus New Jersey.

So erfolgreich und wohlhabend, daß er wahllos spam über MySpace verbreitet.

Aber über Subjekte wie Mäxchen muss man sich nicht ärgern.

Man kann sich mit solchen Hampelmännern auch herrlich den Tag versüßen.

Wie das geht? Lies selbst…


Von: ..max..
Datum: 29 Dez 2008,

Make $200 Per Day
Make $200 before the sun
goes down tomorrow or I'll
give you $200.

..www. gettricks. com/cashrewards.html..

From: COWBOY "born to lose, live to win"
Date: Dec 28, 2008

what the f..k!!!? Go and fool any idiot in the old colonies! Leave me alone "max"! What the hell are you thinking? With that silly picture in front of that plastic christmas tree...arming your mum or what? Fuc.ing shit! And now trying to sell ME your clever tricks to earn money? In my opinion people, trying selling anything on this way are nothing but garbage. Worthless garbage! Subjects that would be sorted out, just if there would exist any god! So try selling your super hip tricks shit to earn money to any idiot on your own continent. Here in the old world we don't need your fuc.ing shit. With love Cowboy.

Von: ..max..
Datum: 29 Dez 2008

Hey man! or whatever you are! You have the right to have your opinion. I think first, you must grow up. Anyway I don't need your money,since I have lots of it. I also want to tell you something esle,nobody makes a bad comment of the picture with the christmas and my wife. If you have a problem with that give me a freeking call 735.512.7337

From: COWBOY "born to lose, live to win"
Date: Dec 28, 2008

First of all: This silly conflict may be amusing, but isn't important enough to make a call from europe to the colonies. YOU are not important enough. Furthermore not everyone can be as rich, wise and funny as you are maxiboy.

Hombre, or whatever you wish you were. When you have a lots of money take it and pay someone to listen to your funny wiseness. You seem to be the american dream in person. Oh lord, you're my hero maxiboy!

But serious now:
Listen, my anger about this kind of SPAM goes against nobody else but the sender. I have to grow up? Oh maxiboy, when I grow up I want to be like you! I really do. You really make a fool out of yourself. You see, your mom-your wife-I don't give a damn! Probably they are nice people. They didn't spam me! You did, maxiboy. And what exactly I think about persons like you should be abolutely clear now.
So stop playing the preacher by acting beeing embarrassed about the anger YOU caused.

However. I send this message and then I make my account ignore you as contact.

Happy new year for you, your wife, your mum and your plastic christmas tree.

from cowboy with kisses.